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Junior Achievement Inspire Program

    December 9, 2022


    Contact: Tyler Adams

    P: (330) 433-0063 x 116


    Junior Achievement Expands Inspire Program To Include In Person Events to

     Connect High School Students Employers

    CANTON, OHIO (October, 4, 2022) – To help guide and enlighten Ohio students as they consider their future careers, Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio (JA) is proud to present JA Inspire to Hire. A career exploration experience unlike any other, JA Inspire to Hire is a collaborative effort of local educators and industry leaders to educate and empower students on the possible paths their careers can take.

    This year’s JA Inspire programming, which is made possible by generous sponsors including title sponsor, FirstEnergy. Inspire program events feature a series of both in-person and virtual opportunities.

    • December 1, 2022 - May 31, 2023 : JA Virtual Inspire, JA’s third annual virtual event for 7th to 12th grade students
    • March 1, 2023: JA Inspire to Hire, for juniors and seniors in Stark County

    “By engaging with our future workforce through programs like Inspire to Hire, we can help students envision opportunities to establish a successful career in any industry,” said Christine Walker, FirstEnergy’s senior vice president, chief human resources officer and corporate services. “FirstEnergy’s support of this program reflects our commitment to making our customers’ lives brighter and the communities stronger by creating opportunities where our local youth can grow along with us or other North Central Ohio companies.”

    The goal of JA Inspire is to help students see the relationship between their high school choices and the educational requirements they’re expected to meet for their most desired careers.

    When schools participate in JA Inspire, students from across Ohio are equipped with the knowledge that there is a wide array of job opportunities right in their home state. With 60% of JA alumni affirming they are in their dream career (compared to 25% of average Americans), JA Inspire shows students how to start on a path to success at a young age and work towards a goal that benefits them as well as their communities in Ohio.

    As part of the events, nearly 100 area businesses will show students what a day in their life is like, how students can follow in their footsteps, and what students should do during the duration of their school career to be successful first-time employees.

    For educators, the programming makes it easy for teachers to excel in their career-readiness efforts, as students can start building a professional network and forge real-world connections with adults who have jobs in fields that interest them.

    All educators are encouraged to register for JA Inspire Virtual, which is offered at no cost and will open students’ eyes to the importance of career planning. Consisting of seven, 45-minute sessions, JA Inspire Virtual mimics the dynamics of a live event, including a virtual lobby, information booth, auditorium for presentations, and halls with booths and sponsors. Within the virtual experience, students can attend webinars and presentations, explore career booths, and interact with career speakers.

    For the program to be successful, Junior Achievement invites any interested businesses to register for the JA Inspire events. Through a unique combination of classroom content and event experience, companies can increase awareness across Ohio counties, bolster their hiring pipelines, and empower students to pursue in-demand careers. To become a partner for any of the upcoming events, visit the link:

    For teachers interested in the JA Virtual Inspire event for 7th to 12th grade students, which will kick off in December and run through June of 2023, contact JA’s Denice Schafer to learn more at  or by calling 330-433-0063 x117.

    To learn more about Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio, visit